Troy Barker

Facilities Supervisor


Prior to his career as a Facilities Director in Commercial Real Estate, Barker served over 15 years in the United States Army Special Operations Unit. This included two overseas missions after which he was awarded the Bronze Star. After serving in the military, Barker worked for over 8 years for Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) as a Facilities Manager, where he managed St. Vincent Doctor’s and St. Anthony’s Hospitals, and followed Joint Commission standards and polices. These facilities included ambulatory surgery, oncology, and GI centers. After CHI, Troy worked at Flake & Kelley Commercial for over 8 years where he specialized in medical office buildings and performed the Joint Commission requirements on a daily basis. This included handling the Springhill Medical daily for Baptist Health.

Barker is skilled with documenting smoke detectors, fire walls, door heights, water temperatures, and more. In all the years he worked in property management, he never failed a single Joint Commission inspection or state health care inspection ever, despite having over 50 tests throughout the years. Barker is also very familiar with Life Safety (LS) and Environmental Care Standards (EC) as needed to comply and pass Joint Commission Inspections. He is a former member of AAHE (Arkansas Association of Healthcare Engineers) and a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association.)

Troy Barker.